PGI Pays d’Oc

PGI Pays d’Oc: guaranteed quality!

PGI (Protected Geograpical Indication) is an official identifier of agricultural products that have distinctive origins and are produced to strict specifications.

Since 1 August 2009, French ‘Vins de Pays’ (VDP) have been recognised as Protected Geograpical Indications (PGI) by the European Union.

The Protected Geograpical Indication provides a measure of freedom and gives winegrowers the chance to get their creative juices flowing by using a number of different grape varieties to produce unique blends.

For Pays d'Oc winegrowers, recognition as an official quality endorsement is the culmination of thirty years’ work within the Pays d'Oc production area. The seal incorporates the innovative concept of varietal wines into its specifications. This is the cornerstone of Pays d'Oc's identity with 58 authorised grape varieties. PGI wines are subject to precise specifications: regular inspections of the varietal range, yields and the wines’ analytical and sensory characteristics are carried out. Every single one of Pays d'Oc PGI wines are inspected and certified by Bureau Veritas.

PGIs are entitled to state the vintage and grape varieties. In terms of flavour, the concept of varietal wines offers an alternative tasting experience based on the sensory characteristics of each variety, from the most robust to the fruitiest.  Do you fancy a single varietal Viognier or a Chardonnay, or are you tempted to experience an offbeat Cabernet-Sauvignon - Pinot Noir blend? With Pays d'Oc PGI varietal wines, the choice of combinations is endless.

Visit our tasting area in Savignargues to discover and try our varietal wines and blended Pays d'Oc.


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